A New Year’s Wellness Resolution: ManukaGuard Offers Medical Grade Manuka Honey Products for a Natural Prevention Alternative

MONTEREY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#coldandflu–With the new year underway, founder Gavin Gear is urging consumers of all ages to make it a priority resolution in 2023 to protect and maintain their immune systems – through prevention.

“With 2023 underway, and a particularly fierce cold and flu season upon us, it's time to get proactive about making our immune systems stronger,” said Gear. “We believe that clean and moisturized sinuses, for example, can lead to a healthier body overall. We also believe that from New Zealand can get us there. What we have experienced with our own families is that manuka honey, in the form of a nasal spray, can provide cleaning of the sinuses that can lead to a healthier overall lifestyle. We all know that washing our hands is a smart thing to do because it prevents bacteria from making us sick. Sinus nasal spray containing medical grade manuka honey gently accomplishes the same result – super clean sinuses, which means prevention!”

Gear came to the United States from New Zealand in pursuit of the American Dream and founded ManukaGuard in 2009 with a personal commitment to bring wellness to all by harnessing the healing gifts of manuka honey – a New Zealand super food used by Māori people for centuries to treat various health conditions.

Traditionally used to heal wounds, soothe sore throats and prevent tooth decay and other ailments, mounting scientific evidence and studies have demonstrated that pure, unadulterated manuka honey, because of its natural ability to combat bacteria, can also be used to support the immune system and help treat or prevent a wide range of conditions.

After thirteen years of research and product development, Gear and his carefully assembled team are now making a range of wellness products – containing pure medical grade manuka honey – available for the first time to the rest of the world.

ManukaGuard's product selection includes a uniquely formulated nasal spray, a cough & throat syrup, pots of edible, medical grade manuka honey of varying strengths, and more. ManukaGuard products don't contain GMO, pesticides, additives or artificial colors and flavorings.

Purified using a proprietary process, ManukaGuard's medical grade honey is cleansed to an internationally recognized standard of purity. The purification process strengthens the active fractions in manuka honey, further improving on mother nature's work, and maintaining safety and effectiveness.

“The immune system is designed to gatekeep the bad stuff out, but for many – especially after the last almost three years – our immunity has been compromised,” said Gear. “We are proud to be able to bring the real thing – pure, unadulterated manuka honey from New Zealand to a global audience. It helped our family and we want it to help others.”

Believers in the science of nature and the body's innate ability to heal itself, ManukaGuard develops innovative health and wellness products that are science-based, all-natural and safe. Committed to providing natural alternatives to conventional personal care products at an affordable price, ManukaGuard is devoted to the health of the planet and the welfare of its people. For more information visit ManukaGuard.com or follow on FB and IG.


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