NASA Selects Blue Origin as Second Artemis Lunar Lander Provider

Blue Origin will design, develop, test, and verify its Blue Moon lander to meet NASA’s human landing system requirements for recurring astronaut expeditions to the lunar surface, including docking with Gateway, a space station where crew transfer in lunar orbit. In addition to design and development work, the contract includes one uncrewed demonstration mission to the lunar surface before a crewed demo on the Artemis V mission in 2029. The total award value of the firm-fixed price contract is $3.4 billion.

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Evolution Space Passes Karman Line and Completes Successful First Space Mission

Evolution Space, a Mojave, Calif-based solid propulsion and launch provider, announced today the successful completion of their first space mission, Gold Chain Cowboy. The rocket reached apogee at 124.5 kilometers (408,456 ft), 24.5 km past the Kármán line – the internationally recognized boundary of space – at 8:12 am on Saturday, April 22nd, 2023.

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