ASPINA Launches Space Team

ASPINA Launches Space Team

is proud to launch its space program by establishing a within ASPINA in March 2023.

ASPINA Global Group is pursuing space product development opportunities in the US, Europe and Japan seeking collaboration partners for the next era of the space industry

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ASPINA Launches Space Team

ASPINA is leveraging its extensive history and experience to support the challenges of the ever-evolving space industry.

With over 60 years of actuator and motion control product development and manufacturing, ASPINA has supported and continues to support some of the most aggressive and demanding industries such Automotive, Medical, and Industrial Automation.

Such solid foundation in motor engineering and mass manufacturing is very appealing to space industry prospects seeking collaboration for new breakthrough concepts and .

The ASPINA Space Team pursuits began in the year 2020 after engaging with a promising start-up company in Japan focusing on the mass production of reaction wheels for small and CubeSats.

The team started with two efforts: (1) a reaction wheel for CubeSats and (2) a reaction wheel for roughly 100 kg size satellite bus.

The team is also in the process of aggressively expanding our Guidance, Navigation and Controls (GNC) product lineup.

With SpaceX's Starship on the horizon, we are exploring new developments of reaction wheels for larger satellite sizes such as 200 kg, 500 kg, even up to 1,000 kg, and other GNC components such as torque rods and control moment gyroscopes (CMG).

Outside of our GNC lineup, ASPINA has also found opportunities to leverage some of our already developed for human space habitation applications.

With a reputation as an expert in air motion control, respiratory medical components such as compressors and blowers for ventilators and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines are one of ASPINA's core pillars.

These products have received strong interest groups developing equipment for human habitation and comfort in space. The team is also keen to expand this sector of our space business for the future of human exploration.

Over the years, ASPINA has overcome some of the hardest, most challenging environmental requirements in terrestrial industries.

We hope to do the same for space. Our quality achievements and standards have kept our current customers' trust enabling long-term partnerships and competitive advantages to reach market leading products.

ASPINA can bring our unique characteristics and methodology to a space industry ripe for disruption. “With our deep experience in Automotive and other strict, competitive industries, we can bring fast-paced, high-quality solutions with competitive pricing and short lead times,” said , President and CEO of ASPINA America.


Established in 1918, ASPINA develops and produces motors and modules in fields such as industrial equipment, home appliances, automobiles, and medical equipment.

We constantly refine our technology to optimize for size, weight, and noise.

In addition to mastering the movement of goods, we work together with our partners to touch the hearts of our end users.

Both sales staff and engineers take the initiative to talk to customers to solve problems and make proposals.

Our slogan “Engineered to Inspire” incorporates our desire to use technology to create a new future and better the world.

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