JoyScore – a Self-Care app that Improves Your Mood and Overall Happiness

SIGNAL HILL, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#–Today, JoyScore announced an app that makes it possible to measure based on your mood. It is a kind of self-care app that improves your mood and overall happiness through personalised activities and exercises. It provides a real-time metric that gives you a clear picture of where your happiness stands today. It also gives you the ability to track your progress daily as you work to be happier.

While talking to Professor Joy, Dr J, or Bob Singhal, creator of the app, it was found that this app is a novel concept in the self-care industry, and it has already made an impact, which is clearly reflected in 100K+ downloads so far.

When asked about how this idea of developing an app that measures happiness was born, Dr J said, “During my days of teaching, I always sought a teaching model that was designed on the basic concepts of ‘creativity by joy' and ‘right brain thinking.' is essential for anyone who wants to achieve their goals.” He added, “I wrote my book to educate people on this topic so they can live happier, more fulfilling lives.”

He further explained the scientific logic behind the JoyScore app by referring to “One of the world's most extended studies by , which tracked more than 250 men for over 80 years, concluded that good genes are nice, but joy is better.”

Professor Joy, as an authority in the self-care and health industry, explains the thought process behind the creation of the JoyScore app in his book, ‘: Your Optimal Path to Success', published in 2011. In it, he explained why the right brain is creative when you are joyful. It was after the success of his book, Dr J realized that if a measurement of joy is introduced, it can benefit more people as they can self-evaluate and improve themselves. This idea was inspired by sports coaches who keep a tab on everything using scores and use it to look for improvement. And thus, the JoyScore app was born.

Professor Singhal explained the concept behind JoyScore to be summarised as: “JoyScore is a self-promoting, guiding scale of joy, which can help millions. Joy, health, and happiness + score = JoyScore”.


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