This Space Hotel will Open in 2027 as Part of a Series of Futuristic Space Projects

This Space Hotel will Open in 2027 as Part of a Series of Futuristic Space Projects

A startup founded by technology and business veterans plans to build and operate the first full-service Space Hotel by mid 2027.

Titans Space Industries (TSI), part of Titans Universe, the world's largest startup, has recently unveiled its plans to build a large commercial that will orbit Earth at 400 kilometers (248.5 miles) altitude. 

The Titans Space Hotel will occupy half of the Titans LEO OrbitalPort Space Station.

The manufacturing and assembly of parts is planned to start in 2024. Actual in-space construction starts with two modules in the second half of 2027. These modules will become operational by the end of 2027, able to accommodate several space hotel guests, with more capacity added quickly. By year-end 2030, the Titans space station is expected to be fully operational for scientific, commercial, and tourism purposes.

The will have much more capacity to accommodate professional astronauts and space tourists and workers, but it's main purpose is to train so-called Titans Astronauts for multiple space missions. 

Watch the sun set and rise... 16 x per 24 hours!

Similar to NASA's International Space Station (), the Titans space station will travel at about 28,000 kilometers per hour (17,500 mph). At this speed, and at an altitude of ~400 kilometers, the Titans Space Hotel will orbit Earth every 90 minutes, which offers guests the opportunity to watch sixteen sunrises and sunsets, every 24 hours.

There's enough space

TSI's objective is to practically always expand the space station in a semi-detached modular fashion.

Ultimately, in the coming decades, thousands of guests and twenty or more spaceplanes, space freighters, spaceships will be accommodated at this Titans space station.

It's all part of TSI's plan to industrialize space in the coming decades. Read more about it here

Guests will travel to the Space Hotel in style

Titans Space Hotel guests will be transported to the OrbitalPort by Titans Spaceplanes.

The Titans 's preliminary designs are a slightly modified version of the  Star-Raker, a spaceplane designed in the late 1970s by Rockwell International. It was meant to be a huge wet-wing, horizontal take-off and landing spaceplane that would be able to carry large payloads to LEO, return safely to Earth – thanks to its 95-meters wide tri-delta wings.

While the Star-Raker is used as an inspiration and and to give the public a comparable vehicle, the eventual Titans SpacePlane Gen 1 (TSPG1) will have major modifications and many modern improvements.

More information about the Titans Space Hotel can be found on the company website:

About Titans Universe

Titans Universe projects include Titans Space Industries, Titans Earth Industries, Titans World, Titania Oceana, and Titania Lunar. For the last few years, has been a project under stealth of NSL & Co. LLC , a Private Equity firm, Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory and Business Consulting group.

The Titans Universe team consists of a group of partners with a combined 450 years of experience and includes a former multi-billion dollar fund manager , a Hall-of-Fame NBA basketball legend , a next-gen telecoms pioneer , a multi-billion dollar business strategist , and a former CFO of a Formula One racing team. The team has worked more than a combined 200 years together on numerous projects.

Titans Universe is currently in the process of structuring all of its projects as separate legal entities in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia, separate from NSL & Co. LLC.

The company's website is available at
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