Popcorn and M&Ms Chosen for Gallery Exhibition on Los Angeles’ Miracle Mile

Popcorn and M&Ms Chosen for Gallery Exhibition on Los Angeles’ Miracle Mile

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Popcorn and M&Ms Chosen for Gallery Exhibition on Los Angeles' Miracle Mile

Art lovers are invited this Saturday to the reception at TAG Gallery where a watercolor rendering of the sweet and salty treat will be on display, along with other works of art.

Award-winning watercolorist 's  has been selected to take part in  for Watercolor Excellence exhibition, open now through April 1 at  in Los Angeles.

The public is encouraged to join the artists for refreshments and conversation Saturday evening from 5:00-9:00 PM at 5458 Wilshire Blvd.

Vallery's painting, Popcorn and M&Ms, was inspired by a favorite movie-night snack and highlights the delicious juxtaposition of the rough texture of popped popcorn and the smooth, candy outer shell of M&Ms through use of vivid colors, intricate details and use of light and shadow.

“Watercolor was originally a sketching tool for the old masters and therefore not considered a serious medium until the last 50 years.

Needless to say, I'm thrilled to be in this exhibition among contemporary artists recognized for their talent in the now-respected genre of watercolor,” Vallery said.

With a focus on Realism and Hyperrealism, Vallery's art has the remarkable ability to deceive the viewer into thinking they're looking at a photograph.

The upcoming exhibition will allow art enthusiasts to observe technical proficiency in every aspect of her work from a closer perspective.

She has been a member of Watercolor Art Society Houston for over 20 years and served as Gallery Director & Public Relations Director for five years.

Vallery is also a member of Mid-Southern Watercolorists Society and San Diego Watercolor Society. In 2001, one of her works of art was auctioned by Sotheby's for $10,000, all proceeds benefitted Texas Children's Hospital.

Shelley Lazarus, for whom the exhibition is named, is a watercolorist who studied at Pratt College and Parsons School of Design, has won numerous awards including one at the International Art Competition for the Olympics, helped form TAG Gallery and served as its presiden

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